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15amp GFCI Receptacle

UL approved GFCI Receptacle

15amp GFCI Receptacle outlet

Resistant GFCI Receptacle - Back and Side Wired 15AMP 125V at Receptacle and Feed- Through
Description: Tamper-Resistant Duplex Receptacle With LED Indicator Lights

Features of 15amp GFCI outlet:
· Protects children: patented shutter system helps prevent improper insertion of foreign objects.
· Meets 2008 National Electrical Code® Tamper-Resistant requirements.
· Prevents line-load reversal miswire: no power to the face or downstream receptacles if wired incorrectly.
· Exceeds UL943 voltage surge requirements.
· Work indicator light (green LED) and Trip indicator light (red LED).
· Side or internal screw-pressure-plate back wire with #10 - #14 AWG solid or stranded copper wire.
· Two back wire holes per terminal.
· Ground screw has a back wire clamp for easy installation.
· Mounting screws are shipped captive in the device and wall plate for easier installation.
· High-impact-resistant thermoplastic construction.
· Extra-long strap.
· Button colors match the device face.
· Dual-direction test and reset buttons.
· Class A rated GFCI.
· Supplied with matching PC V-2 wall plate.
· Tri-drive screws.
· Two years warranty
· Supply Voltage: 125VAC, 60 Hz
· Supply Voltage Range: 102-132 VAC
· Trip Threshold: 5 1mA
· Trip Time: 0.025 sec., nominal per UL Standard
· 20 Amp feed-thru capacity
Testing & Code Compliance:
· UL & CUL Listed.
· Meet all UL 943 (GFCI) and UL 498 (Receptacle) requirements.
· ISO9001 registered manufacturing facility
UL approved GFCI Outlet

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