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35kV 110kV HV Transformer

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35kV-110kV  HV Transformer

     Base on the advanced technology,110kV transformer has been experienced and developed by Tianan Group both on design and manufacture. Combined with our rich experience, the reliability and performance of 110kV product is up to the international level, which comes to "TIANAN feature" series product:  low losses,noise and partial discharge, stronger capability of withstanding short-circuit, high impedance and so on. We have all kinds of products in different specification. 110kV voltage regulating transformer (three-phase three-winding)has been approved by State Transformer Inspection and Measurement Center after passing all the tests (including abrupt short-circuit test), which is first one in the same field in China.

      The product can be mounted outdoor (or indoor), particularly for operation in humidity. It is ideal equipment in the large transmission and distribution network at factory, urban and rural area.

       110kV Transformer          35kV Transformer
              110kV Transformer                                              35kV Transformer