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6000n lifting column

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FRT07 Lifting Column is a system is for lifting and lowering an object, such as a vehicle.
Such a system includes at least two mobile lifting columns with: a displaceable frame with a standing mast part; a carrier displaceable along the mast part for engaging the object to be lifted;
a drive for moving the carrier along the mast part;
a control for controlling at least the drive;

Specification: of our lifting column factory:
24VDC lifting column, 12V DC lift column
stroke of lifting column: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm
Load capacity: 2000N, 6000N lifting colum
No load lifting speed : 13 mm /s when 2000N lift, 3mm/s when 6000N lifting
10% duty type
Ambient temperature: -25 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
IP 43 lifting column
actuators with built-in limit switches (could not adjustable after production)
Low noise:  db<45 (A)
CE Certification lifting column

6000N Lifting Column

drawing of 6000N lifting column:
Lifting Column