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Activated Clay

Activated Clay

activate Clay: made from high quality bentonite from Inner Mongolia

Our company produces the product,selects the Inner Mongolia high quality bentonite ore as raw material,after fine selects,activation,squeeze,drying,grinds and so on a series of processes,production high efficient activated clay.

The product in white and pink mainly,odorless and tasteless,nontoxic,better activity,Strong adsorption,easily absorbing moisture in the air,it will reduce itsadsorption function if lays aside too long or is affected with damp,Influence decolorization effect.

[use and use scope]

Animal and vegetable oils refine,use in to decolorize purification,get rid of the harmful pigment in oil,phospholipid,saponin,cotton acid and so on,causes it to become high scale cooking oil.

In petroleum industry,use in petroleum,fat paraffin wax,wax oil,kerosene and so on mineral oil refining decolorization and purification,and petroleum cracking.

In food industry,use as clarifying agent of grape wine and sugar fruit juice,beer stable processing,saccharification processing,syrup purification and so on.

In chemical industry,use as catalyst,filler,desiccant,adsorbent,wastewater treatment flocculant.

In national defense,medicine health industry,may make chemical defense attracts toxic agent,antidotes,the active clay apply will be more and more widely along with social and science development.

[Product main technical index]


decolorization rate


decolorization strength


free acid


Granularity (200 mesh) 



mechanical impurity










packing of activaed clay

50kg or25kg plastic weave bag,moisture-proof storage and transport.


high quality bentonite

Inner Mongolia bentonite

CS-1020 activated bleaching earth mainly applied to white oil, lubricating oil, vaseline, waste oil regeneration (machine oil, lubricants and mineral oil), polyether, etc..
CS-1040 activated clay is mainly used for industrial vegetable oil, edible vegetable oil and wax, Vaseline, white oil, etc..
CS-1040A activated bleaching clay is mainly used for edible vegetable oil was refined.
CS-1060A bentonite activated clay is mainly used for edible vegetable oil was refined.