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bentonite drilling mud

bentonite drilling mud


OCMA Drilling Mud

[Product introduction]

This product use high-quality sodium bentonite as a basic material for pulp making, there is mud good performance, low sediment characteristics. Through a variety of chemical constituents of scientific formula, the product in a variety of drilling operations to achieve excellent results in the drilling process can complete the following key tasks: suspension, pressure control, rock stability, buoyancy, lubrication and cooling. Can be used as a low mud solid phase, anti-coagulation purple mud, separated retaining wall construction, mortar, caissons, anti-pile driver, soil sealing, diaphragm and the reservoir dam mast leather, etc. Stop-leak. With good lubricity to prevent the wall off blocks, collapse, and plugging and tunnels, all kinds of shield lubrication. Standard reference to the oil minister of Geology and Mineral Resources Ministry of Industry, ministerial standards, and reference to the American Petroleum Institute API standards and the European OCMA standards.

OCMA drilling

This products are used in petroleum geology drilling, power plants, dam and city anti-infiltration pipe jacking, and can drill lubrication, drill, remove debris, forming a strong and impermeable thin mud wall, is an excellent lubricant.

[Technical index]



make the mud rate

25 m3/t

600r/min reading viscometer 


plastic viscosity 


Filter Loss


75μm sieve (200 mesh wet sieve)


water content


Packing of OCMA drilling mud

50kg or25kg plastic weave bag,moisture-proof storage and transport.

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