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We are the supplier and exporter of low & medium voltage electric equipements: Electric Connectors, Industrial Plugs, XAC Pendent Pushbutton Switches, APP SB Power Connectors ,Contacts,Split Core Transformer, Clamp Transformer, Distribution box, LED Lampes. And crane parts: Electirc Hoist, Terminal Blocks, COB,XAC Pendant Control Stations, Crane Overload Detector, Cut off limit..

Current Probe

Current Probe

   ●   Good appearance
   ●   Clamp-on core design, safer, easier installation
   ●   Current or three specs voltage output signal
   ●   Current, power energy,monitoring devices
   ●   Power Factor Correction devices
   ●   Oscilloscope and harmonic waves analyzer
   ●   Primary current:0.1A-1000A
   ●   Maximum Non-Destructive Current: 2000A
   ●   Output signal: mA/A or mV/A
   ●   Useable frequency: 10Hz – 100kHz
   ●   Basic Accuracy :1%
   ●   Operating Temperature:-10℃ to +50℃
   ●   Safety : CAT III 600V
   ●   Maximum voltage:600Vac
   ●   Maximum Cable Diameter: 2.05 inches (52 mm)
   ●   Dimensions: 4.37x8.5 x1.77 in. (111x216x45 mm)
   ●   Output Cable: 60 inches (1.5m) PVC-insulate
        reinforced coaxial cable with an insulated BNC        connector ( can connect directly to an oscilloscope
        , and can be used with Multimeters with optional
        PM9081/001 BNC/Bananar adapter,the output        singnal is voltage). 60 inches (1.5m)PVC-insulate        reinforced coaxial cable with φ4mm red/black        banana plugs ( can be used with multimeters ,the        output singnal is current or voltage)
   ●   Warranty 1year
   ●   RoHS compliant
   ●    CE-approved


Typical Products:


Part number Input current Rated Output Frequency


CTC1535 0.5-1000A 1mA/A 40-1KHZ ≤10 Ohms 1%  
400-1000A 5A,1A 50/60HZ ≤2VA 1%


10-1000K ≥100KOhms 3%±10mV
0.1-100A 10mV/A 2%±5mV
1-1000A 1mV/A 1%±1mV
0.5-1000A 4-20mA 50/60HZ ≤100 Ohms 1%