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DD169 long lifetime Single phase mechanical energy meter

DD169 series electronic single-phase electric meter is the most advanced static electronic meter in China. The meter designs use large-scale integrated circuit, higt reliability step motor, it can meter the AC single-phase active energy (voltage rating: 220V; Frepuency 50Hz), positive and negative two directions and accumulates in one direction. The text signal isolated by phototransistor; It also has the function of anti-fraud, and indicates its operation situation on flash light, so it could be managed very easy. The quality technical norm of the products is in accordance with the GB/T17215-1998 national standard and IEC1036 intemational standard.

More Product Features

HS Code: 90283010
1.This product is a new kind mechanical induction-type electrical energy metering appliance,which adopts high force aluminium nickel cobalt meterial to make the special structuremag-netic hanged (magnetic propelled) bearing.When it is electrified to operate,interruption is produced between the bearing and the axle so that it is in suspend station,The frictionloss is very small.It not only reduces energy exhaustion by a wide margin,but also prolongs lifetime to 20 years and above.
2.After the electromagnetic coil has been vacuum varnished and sealed in,the couerd theinsulation shiele, in order to increase heat conduction capacity and sealed in, then croerd the insullation shield,in ln order to increase heat conduction capacity and machinery strength,control tomperature rise and buzzer noise,and resist dampness,and 5kv crest voltage thunber strucked.
3.Adopt structure model current compensation, simple construction strong overload-capacity,smooth error property curve.
Main technology parameter:
Grade norm:class2.0
220V Reference voltage:200V
50HZ Rated frepuency:50Hz
Starting current:0.5% of the rated current
Basic torque:45×10-4Nm
Ambient temperature:-10℃+40℃
Voltage coil power consumption:1<VA
Outline size: <178mm×132mm×118mm
Current specifcation:four times is:1.5(6)A、2.5(10)A、10(40)A、15(60)A、20(80)A、30(100)A
Six times is:5(30)A、10(60)A
1、The gradient of the electric meter vertical position ist’t more than1°.
2、 The electric meter should been put on protection frame withort stong magnetic field.
The counter gear bearing of the product don’t need lubricant greaws.
Outline and installation size:


DD169 long lifetime Single-phase mechanical energy meter