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DDSI169 single phase electronic carrier wave energy meter

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DDSI169 Series single-phase electronic carrier wave energy meter is applied to terminal unit of Feiyue’s Remote Centralized Electric Meters Reading, achieve functions of active energy computation and data power line carrier wave communication of reference voltage 220v,reference frequency 50HZ. Performance stable and reliable, communication ability reaches international advanced level.
      All performance indexes of DDSI169 Series single-phase electronic carrier wave energy meter conforms to all technical requirements demanded to single-phase electronic carrier wave energy meter by national standards GGB/T17215-2002 <<Grade One and Grade Two static AC Function Energy Meter>> and electric power industry standard DL/T689-1999 <<Technical Terms of Concentrated Meter Reading System of Low Voltage Electric Power Users>>
Type and meaning:

Product specifications:
Reference votage
Reference frequency
accuracy degree
Main techniacal parameters:
1.Normal working voltage:0.9Un-1.1(Un is refernce voltage)
2.Power Consumption:≤1.5W(5vA)
3.Start:under reference voltage, reference frequency and COSΦ=1, when the load current is 0.4Ib(Grade 1_,and 0.5%(Grade 2),the meter should be able to start and measure the electric energy in succession.
4.Potential action: With logic design of potential action prevention. The pulse produced by test output of energy meter should not be more than one in time of voltage loop is 115% reference voltage, current circuit without electricity.
5.Percentage error range: Accord with GB/T17215-200 demand
6.Specifed working temperature range:-25℃-55℃
7.Limit working temperature range:-40℃-70℃
8.Relative humidity:≤75%
9.The depth of relaying:3 grades
10.Output distance in communication: main electric power line 3km
11.Data storage validity: 30 years
Main functions:
A: Concentrated meter reading,
B: Adopt software spread spectrum mode to proceed power line carrier wave communication, precise, reliable, powerful meter reading ability
C: Mutual auto relay function
D: With function of congealing energy meter data
E Accurate measurement of active energy, no need of adjustment and check for long time work
F: Adopt manganin diverter as current loop, overload capacity is more than six times
G: With power-stealing prevention function

Outline and installation size:

DDSI169 single-phase electronic carrier wave energy meter