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DEM072 single phase watt hour meter


DEM072 single phase watt-hour meter is a kind of induction type meter which measure active energy electric power consumption in rated frequency 50Hz and single phase AC electricity net. The meter has the following features: Novel design, rational structure, high overload, high stability, long life and easy adjustment. Its technique performance are completely conform to the stipulated requirement of National Standard GB/T15283-94 and International Standard IEC60521.Structure and feature The meter frame adopt top-quality steel plate molding and special disposal with excellent mechanical strength, stable structure and anti-impact. The type meter adopt magnetic thrust bottom bearing, oriented bearing is made of lubricative graphite bush and stainless steel needle. It has following features: Small abrasion, long life, small error change. All kinds of adjustment mechanism adopt no step shifting mechanism. The meter starting and creeping needn’t to be adjusted which is finished by ant-creeping hole of disc and convenient for adjusting by user.
Technical parameters
Type Accuracy Rated voltage(V) Rated current(A) Overload Capacity Starting Current Insulation Performance Power loss in voltage circuit Use life(year)
DD155(DEM072) Class 2 220V 1.5(6),2.5(10),5(30),3(15),10(60),15(90),20(100) 4~6lb 0.5%lb AC voltage 4KV for 1 minute impulse voltage 8KV ≤1.0W 5VA 20
Outer and mount dimension:

DEM072 single phase watt-hour meter