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Demag PK electric Chain hoists

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The PK chain hoist is a new-typed lifting equipment imported from Demag.
It is of light weight and small volume, hoisting capacity from 125kg to 5000kg.
It's a good hoist tool forlifting heavy,loading and unloading,frerghtage.
Widely used to depot,dock,buliding trade and processline.
PK electric chain hoists are versatile units which can be used as individual units or integrated into jib cranes, suspension cranes or monorail installations for a wide variety of applications in various loads. No valuable floor space is lost and you can arrange your workplaces for maximum efficiency. With push-travel trolleys or electric-travel drives, simple to operate with control pendants switches.

PK Type Electric Chain Hoists is interchangable with Mannesmann Demag Company in Germany,which enjoys high prestige in the world market.

PK electric hoist

Specifications of PK Chain hoists

PK Electric Chain Hoists

Model PK1 PK2 PK5 PK10
PK1N-1F PK1N-2F PK2N-1F PK2N-2F PK5N-1F PK1N-2F PK10N-1F PK10N-2F
Capacity 125 225 250 500 500 1000 1000 2000
No.of load chain fall lines 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2
Lifting Height 3
Lifting Speed 8 4 10 5 10 5 8 4
2 1 2.5 1.25 2.5 1.25 2 4
Lifting Motor Power 0.20 0.5 1.0 1.5
0.05 0.13 0.25 0.35
Voltage 3-380V  50HZ
Rating 40/20
Load Chain Dia x Pitch 4x12 5x15 7x21 10x28
Hoist Weight at 3 Meters Lifting Height 16 17 32 34 48 53 68 80
Electracally operated movement car Model EU5PK EU10PK
Running Speed 14/28
Motor Power 0.14/0.2
Rating 40
I Beam Model 12--28b 18--56b
Smallest Curve Radius 1.0/1.4 1.6/2.0
The hand pulls
the car
I Beam Model 10--16 12.6--28b 12.6--28b 18--56c
Smallest Curve Radius 0.5--0.8 1.0--1.4 1.6--2.0



The chain is T8 round-link chain,which is made of special steel.The PK Electric Chain Hoist is of four types ,PK1,PK2,PK5,PK10,and of many specifications.The types PK1 and PK2 have a two-stage and the type PK5 and PK10 a three-stage reduction gear,in accordance with various lift, the plastic or steel chain collecting box can be chosen.The plastic box ,with light weigth and fine-looking is fit for collecting chains of the hoists with low lift,whereas the latter one fit for hoists with high lift.
Various kinds of hand trolley and electric traveller are provided with the Type PK electric Chain Hoists,thus the hoists can be mounted on single beam cranes as well as suspending cranes.

PK electric hoist PK electric hoist PK electric hoist

Components of PK Chain hoists

1.terminal strip
2 housing
3 suspension eye
4 stator
5 rotor
6 brake
7brake spring
8terminal bos cover
9housing Cover
10spring gland
13chain guide
16motor end cap

  • robust aluminum alloy housing is of enclosed, compact design.
  • Standard direct control with Ergonomically, designed DSK pendant control
  • SWL up to 2000kg, hook path within 16 meter
  • Double lifting speeds, up to 15meters/min
  • Travel speed up to 28meters/min
  • The proven Demag sliding-rotor brake motor guarantee safety and operational reliability, less maintenance and longer life.
  • IP 54 enclosure protects hoists against dust and spray water.
  • End position limitation and overload protection by means of friction coupling.
  • The highly wear-resistant, anti-corrosive Demag chain has a minimum safety factor of 12.
  • PK chain hoists are one of our main products, it is with high performance but at reasonable cost.

    PK hoist

    PK hoist