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DFT3(DFW3) 12 Outdoor HV Cable Branch Box

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DFT3(DFW3) 12 Outdoor HV Cable Branch Box

DFT3(DFW3)-12 type outdoor HV cable branch box is a new type power supply equipment that our company use for reference of overseas advance technique and special designed, suitable for cable system of 10kV power supply net for cable user on connection or division, etc. The branch box uses cable accessories with good performance, widely used in cable system, it shows excellent performance especially in the occasion of cable branch.  It is suitable for the distribution net such as city industrial estate, residence area, business center, large enterprise and other occasion, it is especially suitable for power network reconstruction project of modern city.
      The basic accessory of cable branch box-application sketch map of cable connecting terminal. Ground cable branch box and underground cable branch may applied in muti-route branch of main cable network, and connected with other equipment; Cable connecting head may use as the connecting head of RMU, and shunt circuit in RMU.

Product characteristics  of Outdoor High voltage Cable Branch Box
      Full insulation, full sealed instruction, no insulation distance, guarantee person in safety.
      Dustproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, exempt maintenance, especially suitable for the situation with bad circumstance.
      Branch cable connecting terminal may used as load switch, with load plug, and have the function of disconnecting switch.
      Connect with short circuit fault indicator light, so that find cable fault quickly.
      Small bulk, tight structure, simple installation, convenient operation.

Type designation : 

Outdoor HV Cable Branch Box

Technical paramete :


200A(branch net)

600A(main net)

Rated voltage KV



Rated current A



Rated short time withstand current kA



1min power frequency withstand voltage



15 min DC withstand voltage



Lighting impulse withstand voltage (BIL)



Min corona start voltage



Notes for ordering :
      Please provide the followings:
      a. Cable branch box type, incoming and outgoing quantity, cable nominal section, rated current of incoming and outgoing wire.
      b. Type and quantity of spare parts.
      c. Circuit units of reserve outgoing wire.