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Drawable Type AC Metal-clad Switchgear KYN1-12

Drawable Type AC Metal-clad Switchgear KYN1-12

 The design and structure of the switchgear conforms to IEC standards and GB 3906-91 standards. It has welding and package structure. The protection level of its enclosure is IP2X. It consists of trolley, front cubicle, back cubicle, instrument room of relay and the small busbar room on its ceiling. The front switchgear and the back switchgear are connected by bolts, the instrument room of relay and the body are connected by vibration absorber; other parts are separated by steel sheets. It has the function of aerial incoming and outgoing line, cable incoming and outgoing and liaison between left parts and right parts.
Product feature :
      KYN1-12 truck type 10KV HV Switchgear is complied with International Standards as well as Nation Standards.
      It is a draw out truck trolley cubicle. Both of the enclosure and isolating plate of each functional units is made of 2.5mm cold rolled steel sheet, the surface is treated with phosphatization, anticorrosion, static plastic-pouring; each part is connected by bolt of high intensity. It is featured by beautiful looking, easy installation and  maintenance.
      The frame of the trolley is made of cold rolled steel sheets in the process of punching and welding. The trolley has separate exhaust passage to the ceiling. Varieties of trolley have the same height and depth, so truck with the same specification can be interchanged. There are isolating position, testing position and working position inside the trolley, each of them has orientation device and position indicator. The trolley can be seen on each position as well as seen on the position indicator. When the trolley goes into the switchgear, the enclosure can be connected with earthing system of the switchgear. There are controlling indicator and off and on indicator of the spring mechanism of the circuit breaker on the panel of the truck.
      The guide rails of the circuit breaker room are firm and flat. The truck can run smoothly on the working position and testing position. The valve is made up of nonmetallic insulating epoxy plates. When the truck is on the isolating position/ testing position, the static contact and the moving contact of the major loop are isolated by valve; when the truck enters into the working position, the valve opens automatically. The off and on condition of the circuit breaker, off and on mechanical position indicators and stored energy/ released energy indicator can be seen on the panel of the trolley. Only when the isolating plates between the truck room and cable compartment are pulled out, can the worker get into the switchgear to install or maintain the cable.
      On the upper part of the trolley room, busbar room and cable room, there is compression release device. When the internal fault arc occurs in the circuit breaker or busbar room and cable room, the compression release metal plates at the ceiling opens automatically.
Type and designation :

Drawable Type AC Metal-clad Switchgear

Technical parameter :




Rated voltage

(Max working voltage)



Rated insulation level


1min power frequency withstand voltage





impulse withstand





Rated frequency



Main busbar rated current



Branch busbar rated current



4s short-time withstand current(r.m.s)



Rated peak withstand current(peak)



Protection degree

IP2X of enclosure,not unified
with formal IP3X