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DTS169, DSS169 three-phase electronic active kwh meter

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DTS169,DSS169 three-phase electronic active kwh meter,adopts large-scale special-purpose integrated circuit, the surface mounting international advanced technology,the design is unique,the exquisite workmanship,Commends in the traditional induction type electrical energy compared to this meter has the measuring accuracy high,the stability good,the volume small,the weight light,the power loss is low,the eady solid modern management function expansion,and has lacks instructed,the pulsevehicle postal singal is suitable management function expansion,and has lacks instructed,the pulsevehicle postal signal is suitable measures 50HZ three-phase the electrical energy.
  This product for fixedly installs in the room or outdoor electric instrument box uses,adapts is not bigger than under 85%condition in the environment temperature level -20℃~+50℃ relative temperatures to use.
  This product each performance index conforms to IEC61036 and GB/In17215-2002 standard  three-phase electronic active kwh meter  complete specifcation. 
Principle of work:
  See the picture It will sample electric current and sample electric voltage of the emulation singnal sends to approproation integrated circuit respctively,wasing enlarged by internal buffer,sending to a multiplication machine,multiplying each other electric voltage and electric current signal,through A/D conversion,will imitate a quantity conversion numerical signal,then electric circuit that pass through cent and drive electric circuit wil electricity quantity signal of pulse blunt the exportation used for driving a pulse electrcity to grow and use electricity index sign.



DTS169(Z)  three-phase electronic combination meter adopts big LCD displayer which displays Active and Reactive simultaneously, with A,B,C, 3 phases of voltage, current ,power factor, time record of phase failure ,infrared communication connection and infrared remote control reading of the switch. It can measure the total sum of energy by Active and Reactive: total sum of Active energy of last month, total sum of Reactive energy of last month. 
Principle of work:
The energy meter samples the voltage and current to measuring chip, transfers to digital signals in direct proportion to electric quantity, sends to micro processor by which they are processed to relevant total energy of Active and Reactive and send to LCD display of total electricity quantity. LCD displays Active energy on the upper part and displays Reactive energy at the bottom. Read the switch by infrared remote control, pushing the reading button can display the Active energy amount and Reactive energy amount of last month. With infrared communication interface, can register the electric energy by palm computer.

Application method:

Under the situation that rule electric current ,the gauge should strart to combine to record in a row.(see form)
2.The potencial move
When put on 115% the sun settles pressure,gave or get an electric shock quantiy exportation not less than one pulse when electric current back track mayday flowed.
3.The quantity of electricity
The normal electric voltage of work:0.9-1.1 the sum settles electric voltage. Extreme limit of electric voltage:0.8-1.15 the sum settles electric voltage.
4.The temperature condition
The temperaure rage:The normal temperature of work:-10-45 . The extreme limit temperature:-40-65
The gauge
The gauge garade
The power factor
Direct type
Through with each other feeling type