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DTS169(Z) three phase electronic combination meter

DTS169(Z)  three-phase electronic combination meter adopts big LCD displayer which displays Active and Reactive simultaneously, with A,B,C, 3 phases of voltage, current ,power factor, time record of phase failure ,infrared communication connection and infrared remote control reading of the switch. It can measure the total sum of energy by Active and Reactive: total sum of Active energy of last month, total sum of Reactive energy of last month. 
Principle of work:
The energy meter samples the voltage and current to measuring chip, transfers to digital signals in direct proportion to electric quantity, sends to micro processor by which they are processed to relevant total energy of Active and Reactive and send to LCD display of total electricity quantity. LCD displays Active energy on the upper part and displays Reactive energy at the bottom. Read the switch by infrared remote control, pushing the reading button can display the Active energy amount and Reactive energy amount of last month. With infrared communication interface, can register the electric energy by palm computer.

Application method:

1.Installation direction and dimension
2.Wiring method :illustration: Signal end arrangement: The Sixth hole connects Active pulse output+, the seventh hole connect the Active output - , the eighth hole join the Reactive sequent output+, the ninth hole link the Reactive pulse output-

Outline drawing and wiring diagram:


DTS169(Z) three-phase electronic combination meter