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DTSF169 DSSF169 series three phase electronic multi rate energy

DTSF169 DSSF169 series three-phase electronic multi-rate energy meter is the new generation of product,which is developed lately by listening to  the opinions of the experts of power supply sytem and vast users ,adopting foreign new technology.
    The product meets the repurrements of GB/T17215-2002 Grade l and Grade 2 Static/AC Active watthour Meter and GB/T5284-2020 Multi-rate(Time Sharing)Watt-hour meter.
    Except for the fundamental functions of time sharing measunement is can still be provided with other additional fuctions (such as maxi mum demand infrared meter copying and serring,,etc) to meet the repuinements of different users.
Main characteristics:
1.Long service life and excellent performance owing to the industrial grade chip,liquid crystal dispay(LCD),crystal oscillator,etc
2.High in integration,simple in peripheral circuit ,rational in distribution,goodi n integrity,small in size and easy to install.
3.Higer anti-interference,strong capability of high votage impulse withstand ,and wide range of operating voltage
4.Protective function with code setting
5.Function for protecting against electricity-theft with the warning display of electricity-theft
Technical indes:
1.Error of day timing: ≤0.3;temperature factor ≤±0.1s/(d.℃)
2.Operating voltage range:70%~120%rated voltage
3.Error of collecting signal: ≤1×10
4.Power consumption:1W
5.Service temperature:-25~+55℃
6. Storage&deivery temperature:-35~+65℃
7.Battery capacity: ≥1.2Ah,Storage life:10years
8. Liquid crystal display:≥100,000h
Outline and installation size:


DTSF169 DSSF169 series three-phase electronic multi-rate energy meter