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DTSY169 DSSY169 electroic three phase prepayment kwh meter

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DTSY169 DSSY 169 series electronic three-phase prepayment energy meter,adopting shield and seal construction. Collect ,process and store the data with single piece of micro controller .With good electromagnetism interference resisting effect, low power consumption, theft proof, high overload and long life, it conforms to all technical requirements to electronic three-phase prepayment energy meter of international standard IEC61036 and national standard GB/T17215-2002 and GB/T18460-2001.
Main characteristics: Apply computer management, purchase the electricity firstly and then use, can supply load-limit control as per users requirement, one meter one card, special card for special use, lost of card don’t lose electricity, the card can be rebought and use again. Energy card can pass the data in two ways, with functions of adding up the energy amount, automatically disconnection of the electricity and warning the user to buy the electricity, automatically switching off the power supply when energy amount is zero, some of theft-proof software, connection with power-off controller outside.  
Manufacture standard: Complies with standard requirement of “Prepayment Electricity Meters” JB/T8382-96
 Accuracy: Class 1.0, Class 2.0
Power consumption: ≤2.0W
Working scope of voltage:
Three phase three line: 3×100V、50HZ、3×1.5(6)A、3×3(A)
Three phase four line: 3×220V/380V、50HZ、3×1.5(6)A、3×3(6)A、3×5(20)A、3×10(40)A、3×20(80)A、3×30(100)A
Working standard: temperature range -20℃+50℃ ,utmost work temperature range -35-+65℃
Relative humidity: ≤85%
Overall dimension:


DTSY169 DSSY169 electroic three-phase prepayment kwh meter