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Emergency disconnect switch (Safety switch)

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Usage of Emergency disconnect switch:

ZJK125、ZJK250 emergency switches are applicable for a variety of electric motorcar and another electric device supporting, they are safe and convenient.

Number Technical requirement ZJK125 ZJK250
1 Rated voltage (A) 80 80
2 Rated current(A) 125 250
3 Mechanical life 10000times 10000times
4 Electric life 1000times 1000times

Configurational mounting diagram of Emergency disconnect switch (Safety switch)

Emergency disconnect switch

Environmental condition:
1. Ambient temperature:-25~+40℃
2. Altitude range:0~2000m
3. Maximum relative temperature 90% at 25℃
4. Vibration: 10~50Hz,10m/s2
5. Shock:30m/s2
6. Installation method:Anywhere
7. The scope of supply voltage fluctuation:0.7~1.1Ue
8. Duty:8h continuous


China manufacturer of Emergency disconnect switch

A disconnect means is provided which is particularly suited to be employed in connection with an electrically powered motor vehicle for purposes of effecting an emergency disconnect of the electrical power circuit thereof. The subject disconnect means includes a knife switch movable between a normally closed position and an open position, latching means operable to hold the knife switch in the normally closed position thereof, first and second terminal means, actuator means operable for causing the knife switch to move from the normally closed to the open condition thereof, reset means and enclosure means.