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F21-4S F21-4D radio controller for crane

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F21-4S single speed radio controller

F21-4D  double speed radio control


4 motions + 1 emergecy stop button + 1 rotary start key 
Enclosure protection type: IP 65 radio controller
Microsoft Windowa
primarily based software for easy personalize configuration
With battery voltage warning device,the ability is cut off during low power.Basic safety key switch to stop from unauthorized consumer.Set the program functions by computer user interface as to mutual inhibition or not.
long distance: up to 100 meters
Transmitter Power: 3V DC (Only two AA batteries very last up to 4 a few months)
Receiver Power: 380V/220V/110V
Hvac, or 12V/24V/36V/48V DC
Output contact capacity: 5A covered relay output (Alternating current 250V/10A relays, 5A fuse contacts).
Regular configuration:One transmitter (with strap)One receiverOne receiver with 1 mrter cableOperation and also maintenance manual
Implement: single hook, single-speed power hoist or hoist-type targeted traffic
 2 AA batteries last up to 4 months. 
 over 4.3 billion nuique ID code 
Temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ 

F21-4S, F21-4D radio controller for crane