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F24-60 telecrane joystick control for crane

joystick remote control for crane

F24-60 joystick control for crane


Ratio output:standerd 0-10V
 With ratio module,analog signals can be output (additional costs). 
2 five steps of 10 million times mechanical life Pure proportion joystick without fault of poor contact
6 function keys,4 three positions/tow positions rotating switches  Lightweighe and neck hanging design for Asian ergonomics,With 3 steps battery voltage alarm device, the power is cut off during low powerSafety key switch,Enhanced watch-dog circuit with automatically stop device
Signal search and frequency automatic tracking circuit
Prevent power from sudden breaing
Programmable relays outputs
3 super heterodyne receiving circuits
LED and indicator outputs
Variety functions and parameters can be set by computer interface
Setting free up to users requirements

Specifications of crane joystick control  :
Control distance is up to 100 meters
4.3 billion unique ID code
Operating Temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
Max. power - 10mW
operating frequency range : : 433,075-434,79 MHz
Enclosure protection class: IP 65
Transmitter Power: 6V DC(4 AA batteries)
Receiver power:380V/220V, or 12V/24V DC
Output contact potential:5A sealed relay productivity (AC 250V/10A relays,5A fuse contact lenses)
Ratio outputs:0-10V

Standard configuration:One transmitterOne receiverReceiver using 3 mrter cableOperation and servicing manua
Apply: double
hook multi-speed, multi-function and proportional function of site visitors and a variety of complex industrial control remote control
crane joystick control
 telecrane joystick control for crane

F24 60 telecrane radio controller