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H Series Moulded Case Circuit Breaker ,MCCB

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H series moulded case circuit breaker features novel structure, reliable performance, complete accessories and high interrupting capacity.
It is suitable for the distribution circuits of AC in 50/60Hz,working voltage up to 600V,used for power distribution and protecting the circuits and electrical equipment against overload.
It is in conformity to the standards of EC 157-1 & consists of 4 parts: insulating case, operating mechanism, contact system and trip, capable of quick close-open and trip-free operation.
The trip can be of electromagnetic type and thermal type etc. For the 250A (and above) breaker, its electromagnetic trip is adjustable. For the 600A(and above) breaker, electronic trip is available besides thermo magnetic one.
TH Series Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
specifications of H Series Moulded Case Circuit Breaker