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DDSY169 electronic single phase pre paid energy meter prepayment

DDSY169 type single-phase electronic pre-paid energy meter is  a new product developed by our company,which is based on excellent pre-paid special chip which has multiple function,such as eletrical energy calculation.load control and user’s information management.The product setting carge and adjusting load state in the electric netwok.
  The product can be installed in he electric meter box,indoor or outdoor,the ambient temperature is-25℃~+60℃.The relative humidity is no more than 85%.
  Each of performance norms of the product accords with IEC61036 static electric metre international standard and all technical requirments of J8/T8382-1996 prepaid electric meter standard.


Main technology parameter:

Productmanufacture standard:Conforms to "JB/T8382-96 pays in advance the electric instrument" standard request.
Accuracy rank:1.01evels,2.0 levels
Power loss: ≤2.0W
Working voltage scope:
Specification:Three-phase three 3×100V50HZ3×1.56A3×3A
Three-phase four: 3×220V/380V50HZ3×1.56A3×36A3×520A3×1040A3×2080A3×30100A
Working condition:Temperature range-20 +50
Relative humidity ≤85%

Rated voltage:220V
Standard current:5(20)A、10(40)A
Rated frequency:50Hz
Degree of accuracy class:class1.0,2.0
Data protection:class 1.0,2.0 vated current
Shunt running:It use logic circuit to anti-creep
Power consumption: <2w/5VA(Overall power consumption)
Surroumding condition:normal operation temperature is -10 ℃~45℃
Extreme operating temperature is -40℃~60℃
Outline and installation size:
DDSY169 electronic single-phase pre-paid energy meter