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DSSD169 DTSD169 Complete Electronic Three phase Multifunctional

This product is a complete electronic meter composed of voltage and current transformer, high speed converter EPROM and CUP.
Main functions and features:
Measurement of active ,reactive, reverse active, reactive energy, four quadrant reactive max demand capacity;
Accurately measure parameters of the voltage, current, active power, reactive power of phases of A,B,C
Available with four charge rates, can set 12 period of time per day, 12 time zone per year, 4 sets of period of time for your choice.
Automatically read meter and store the quantity data of last month as per a set day; auto set zero of the month’s max demand quantity as soon as the data transferred and stored, it can also set zero by hand.
Each week can set 1-2 days as rest days, auto transfer to set work period of time;
Record and display information of lost of voltage, power off, set parameter information, spare battery usage time and parameter status. Infrared remote control and palm computer’s programme, read meter, online communication with computer possible .
Mount dimension:

DSSD169 DTSD169 Complete Electronic Three-phase Multifunctional Energy Meter