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Fuse Carrier

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Uploading and downloading of NH000-NH4 insert type fuses of all sizes to and from the bases.Reliable insulation.Safe and convenient operation.Small manual power requirements.
Rated insulate voltage up to 1000V.Working frequency 50Hz AC.

The fuse carrier is made up of catching holes,push button,guard board and handle.There are three positions for the catching holes,for NH000-NH00,NH0-NH3,and NH4 fuses.

The models,rated insulation voltage,and dimentions are shown in Figures 14.1 and Table 14.
Table 14
Models Catching holes fuse Rated insulation voltage (V) Dimentions(mm) Weight (g)
1401 NT NH000~NH4 1000 See figure 14.1 17.4
Fuse Carrier