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School bus stop arm

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Stop arm for School Bus

Why School bus stop arm is required on school bus?

In United States, there is 50% of USA's student population is transported by school bus.School buses take10 billion student trips every year. 
Every school day, over 480,000 school buses transport 26 million  children.
So the safety of School buses is so important.

Some featured School bus with stop arm, stop sign of USA and Canada

Our factory are supply the latest type of school bus stop arm, developed in 2013 year, 
OEM for top 3 of USA School Bus Manufacturer.

Features of our school bus stop signal arm:
(1) drived by linear actuator, stable, safety and low power consumption;
(2) Turning Time of stop arm: <3 seconds, very fast;
(3) Anti-collison & Auto-stop, safety for children/students;
(4) Voltage:12VDC or 24VDC, current: < 1A;
(5) Turing life time: 200000 times;
(6) IP54 waterproof; 
(7) with 4 alternately red LED strobe lights;
(8) Double-faced, octagonal, stop sign is retroreflective (with high reflection grade), red stop sign diameter >45 cm;
(9) Strong material: Aluminum alloy plate,keep stop arm level and vertical;
(10) Custom-made acceptable, sign printing as per clients' request.

Video for our school bus stop sign arm:

Photos of our school bus stop arm, 
item number: FY-S-1:

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 131 regulates specifications of the stop arm 

(1) Double-faced regulation octagonal red stop sign at least 45 cm (17.7 in) across, with white border and uppercase legend. 
(2) retroreflective and/or equipped with alternately flashing red lights, usually it is red LED strobe lights.

FMVSS 131 stipulates: stop signal arm be installed on the left side of school bus, the  school bus stop arm is perpendicular to the side of the bus, with the top edge of the sign parallel to and within 6 inches (15 cm) of a horizontal plane tangent to the bottom edge of the first passenger window frame behind the driver's window, and that the vertical center of the stop signal arm must be no more than 9 inches (23 cm) from the side of the bus. 

There are many  school bus accidents in China, so there will require regulation for school bus, especially there will be Chinese type School bus stop arm.
In Manitoba, Canada, provincial school buses are required to install stop arm / Stop signal arm/ safety arm mounted on the bus since a seven-year-old boy died in 1996 in St. Norbert, after getting off his school bus

There is Red "STOP" painted on the  School bus stop arm, and with 4 Red LED strobe lights.