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FRTK 04 Power Box for 5 Electric Actuators

Ambient temperature:
+5 to +40
Protection class:
IP 51
Length of the wire:
Medical certification
as the function of overload protection

*Has smart transformer with high power inside,low power consumption and low radiation.

*The relay has the function of overload protection,can longer the controller"s lifetime.

a separate spare battery, (can still work about half an hour when the system is cut off.)

nergy conservation (Need little power when stop operating.)
Color: Black (can designed according to different demands)

Certification: CE

FRTK04 Power Control Box is a multifunctional controller without a transformer,can matched with any FRT series, has double protecting function, can be used in the controlling of singlechip.

Specifications of Linear Acuator Power Box:

Input voltage: 220-240V AC, 50HZ or 100-120V AC 60HZ
Output voltage: 24V DC or 12V
*Operating type: 10%
*Max I: 10A
*Can control 1-5 electric machines, and connected with a hand control switch and a separate spare battery.


FRTK 04 Power Box