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Pad mounted Substation DBW1 Series

Pad mounted Substation DBW1 Series

 DBW1 Pad mounted Substation  series is the new product researched by our company, which fills blank for our country. It is new type substation applicable for electrical network reconstruction in urban area.
      DBW1series pad-mounted substation is an independent unit of ? 0-500kVA distribution device in rated voltage of 6 -10kV, 50 AC Hz network. As urban public substation and street lamp substation, it is applicable for the residential area, and sightseeing place, etc. 
      The product is used not only for ring network distribution system, but also for terminal power supply in radiation style.     

Feature :

      The Pad mounted Substation owns its advantage,  such as less occupied area, suitable height on the ground, little noise, reliability of power supply, equipped with automatic terminal unit FTU, automatic drainage and ventilation devices.

Type designation :

Pad mounted Substation

Technical parameters :
      a.Rated voltage : H. V. side  12kV,  L. V. side : 0.4kV;
      b.Rated current : H. V. side 630A, L. V. side : 1000A;
      c.Capacity of transformer : 50- 500kVA

Ordering Notes :

      1.Type of substation
      2.Type of transformer
      3.H.V/ L.V. wiring mode, type and parameters of chosen elements
      4.Regarding to enclosure color
      5 If any other requirement is put forwarded by customer, it can be discussed while ordering.