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F21-2S F21-2D industrial radio control

F21-2S  industrial radio control

F21-2D radio industrial  control


F21-2S: 2 single pushbuttons radio control
F21-2D: 2 double speed  radio industrial  control
A key magnetic
Low priced, low consumption, Two AA batteries last up to 4months
program code: over 4.3 billion unique ID code available.
Temperatures range: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ 
Box protection class: IP 65
Microsoft Windowa
dependent software for easy modify configuration

Two operation links,and one stop key

Control up to Four points

With battery
voltage warning device,the ability is cut off throughout low power.
key switch to prevent via unauthorized.
Set the
interface functions by computer program.
3 operation buttons
may be set as to good inhibition or not.
Free a key can be arranged to boot, speed up, bounce strokes, ordinary capabilities.
Control distance:
up to 100 meters
Strength: DC 3V (2 alkaline electric batteries can be used 5 4 months)
Power Supply: AC 380V/220V/110V choose, or even DC 12V/24V/36V/48V
make contact with capacity: 5 amplifier sealed relay productivity (AC 250V/10A relays, 5 guitar amp fuse).

Transmitter 1 (with
Receiver 1
Receiver comes with
1 m connection cable television
Operation and maintenance handbook 1
single hook, single-speed electric hoist or hoist type4 associates about traffic along with industrial control having a remote control.