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FY3D-2 reprap 3d printer ,desktop 3d printer

  • Units in Stock: 100

FY3D-2 reprap 3d printer ,desktop 3d printer 

Frame: sheet metal plate

Nozzle quantity:1

Bulid size: 260*170*160mm

Seam thickness:0.1-0.4mm

SD card offline print:yes

LCD screen:no

XYaxis work speed:3000mm/s

XYaxis work speed:200mm/s

Print speed :100mm/s

nozzle diameter: standard 0.4mm

nozzle temperature: room temperature to 250℃

plate temperature: room temperature to 110℃

platematerial: bakelite,aluminium plate,PCB,glass

XYaxis location accuracy: 0.012mm

Y axis location accuracy: 0.004mm

supporting material: ABS,PLA

material diameter: 1.75mm,3mm
consumables tendency: PLA

software language: Chinease/English

support file: STL,G-CODE

printer size: 480*365*410 mm

printer weight: 15kg

packing size:600*475*520 mm

voltage: 12v

operation system: WIN7,XP,Mac

proficy computer software: ReplicotorG

temperature requirement: 10-30℃,humidity 20-50%