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3d scanner industrial ,portable 3d scanner

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3d scanner industrial ,portable 3d scanner

Industrial grade 3d scanner Portable high-precision 3d modeling tool best handheld scanner

3d scanner specification:

Work temperature :10-40°C


Work arrange :600-50000mm

Viewing angle value :58.5,50,75(H,V,D)(deg)

x/y accuracy :@400mm:0.3mm@500mm,0.6mm@1200mm:1mm

depth accuracy:@400:0.03mm@500mm:0.08mm@1200mm:0.3mm

color data :640*480(VGA)

color frame rate:30FPS

data layout :16bit

battery support:USB2.0


Pixel:130 million

Production function :

  1. It has strong anti-interference ability(for example ,black hair ,fabric and reflective light surface easily face )
  2. High-speed sweep,Generate 3d data in real time. Can be captured per second 600000 points, more than a dozen times that of ordinary scanner
  3. Large scanning range (can scan to dozens of cubic meters of objects)
  4. The way of high frame rate camera can scan a moving object (through the rotary table or guide can achieve convenient mobile scanning)
  5. Support 24 full color scan (through data matrix matching 3 d model and color, color of the implementation of the 3 d model reconstruction)