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Heavy Duty Connector

Heavy Duty Connector

usages of Heavy duty Rectangular Connector

Railway industry
Wind energy

HLB heavy duty Connectors

HLB Heavy-Duty Connectorsheavy duty connectors (HDC) are used for secure, simple and time-saving installation of machines and panels. Their housings offer excellent protection in dusty and wet environments.

Modular connectors based on building block principles even allow signal transmission or pneumatics on top of the common transmission of electricity.

Name: HLB Heavy-duty Connector

Content: Contact 6+PE 12+PE Working Current 35A Working Voltage 400/690V With Over 60 Shell Styles

Shell Material:Die cast aluminium
Degree of protection:IP65
Terminal:Screw Terminal(6-12 contacts)
Working Current:35A
Working Voltage:400/690V
Rated Shock Voltage:6KV
Pollution Degree:3
Insulation Resistance:>=1010O
Temperature Range:-40 ~+125 centigrade
Flammability acc. to UL94V-0
Mechanical Working Life:>=500 mating cycles
Contact Material:Copper Alloy
Contact Resistance:<=1mO
Screw Terminal: 6mm2 10AWG
HLB Heavy Duty Connectors

HLK Heavy-duty Connector

HLK Heavy-Duty Connectors Name: HLK Heavy-duty Connector

Content: Contact 4/0+PE 4/2+PE 8/0+PE 8/4+PE Working Current 80A/16A With Over 20 Shell Styles

HLA Heavy-duty Connector

HLA Heavy-Duty Connectors Name: HLA Heavy-duty Connector
Content: Contact 3+PE 4+PE 10+PE 16+PE 32+PE Working Current 10A 16A Working Voltage 400/690V With Over 60 Shell Styles

HLA Heavy-Duty Connectors

HLE Rectangular Connector

HLE Heavy-Duty Connector Name: HLE Rectangular Connector

Content: Contact 6+PE 10+PE 16+PE 24+PE 32+PE 48+PE Working Current 16A Working Voltage 500V With Over 30 Shell Styles
HLE Heavy-Duty Connector

HLD Rectangular Connector

HLD Heavy-Duty Connector Name: HLD Heavy-duty Connector

Content: Contact 7,15,25,40,50,64,80,128+PE. Working Current 10A. Working Voltage 250V
HLDD Rectangular Connector
HLDD Heavy-Duty Connector Name: HLDD Heavy-duty Connector

Content: Contact 24,42,72,108,144,216+PE. Working Current 10A. Working Voltage 250V
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