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Rema connector female 80A Din connector

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 female Rema connector , 80A Din connector

A DIN connectors is a connector, originally dedicated by the Deutsches Institut Normung (DIN), Germany's national standards organization standardization. DIN standard, a large number of different connectors, therefore, the term "DIN connector, only does not clearly identify any particular type of connector, unless the number of files of the relevant DIN standards are added (e.g.," DIN41524 connector ). Known standard DIN connector:

 industry standards of DIN standard and IEC standard:
DIN 43589 EN 1175-1
IEC 20989 UL 1977

high power DIN connector : 80A female
Voltage 600 V
Certificate CE

as a reliable  Din connector manufacturer , we have exported to USA and Europe for many years.