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IPDU intelligent PDUs

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IPDU is meaning: intelligent PDUs ( intelligent  power distribution units )

IPDU is the intelligent type of PDUs which can be remote controller, to save people lots of time and human costs.

intelligent PDUs 



With all the primary and adhere architecture associated with HP Flip-up PDU collection, the actual H . p . Smart PDU gives overseeing of energy usage at the core, fill section, stick, and outlet degree along with unparalleled precision and also accuracy and reliability. Remote supervision is made in and even provides power period capability of person outlets about the Smart Expansion Bars.

HP Energy Breakthrough Services with H . p . Smart Power Finding, includes Hewlett packard iPDUs, H . p . Platinum eagle energy materials, and HP Insight Control software to manage as well as automate energy syndication. Once you release fresh Hewlett packard ProLiant machines, Hewlett packard Smart Energy Finding instantly finds individuals computers, routes them to the energy supply, confirms energy redundancy, as well as makes sure things are hooked up correctly.