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joystick remote control TELECRANE F24 J

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joystick remote control

Our price is only US$2500/set


Our 700 series joystick remote control  is very advanced crane remote in the world.

same as TELECRANE F24-J joystick remote control system, but high quality with cheap price: US$2500/set.

The dual X-Y axis joysticks permit up to 5 steps of controlling in different directions (such as: up , down, aux-up,  aux-down, south, north, east , west ), and 2 two-position and 2 three-position toggle switches allow selection of multiple hoists/trolleys and auxiliary equipment; 6 one-step pushbuttons round out the controls.

700 series double rockers crane control system (same as TELECRANE model F24-J joystick remote control ) is the best way to your wireless control demand.

Typical application: Multiple motion, multiple speed applications with numerous extra functions
· Operating Distance: 500 feet
· Frequency: 310 Mhz band
· Frequency generation: Crystal (plug in)
· Security coding: Environmental rating: IP 65
· Licensing: FCC certified, no license needed. FCC identifier LWN9312F24
· Warranty : 1 year, see manual
· Temperature rating: -35 deg C to 75 deg C (-31 deg F to 167 deg F)


joystick remote control Transmitter of  TELECRANE F24-J

Remote Control Transmitter