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Ningbo Manufacturer of TGMB F-Frame Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

TGMB F-Frame MCCBs are highly specified. positive contact indication is standard, with three positions` ON`,`OFF` and center `TRIPPED` being provided. the trip free mechanism prevents the MCCBs contacts from being held closed in the event of over current. TGMB F-Frame MCCBs 3&1 pole units have a trip to test button provided as standard. All main contacts are of quality silver alloy construction for durability. Compliance with IEC 947-2 is covered by type test and marine approval certification .
1.F Frame Moulded Case Circuit Breakers 16A to 200A.
2.Available in three ranges: Standard, Standard Adjustable, Hi-break Adjustable,
3.Complies with IEC60947-2.
4.Current limiting action provides low values of lot-through energy.
TGMB F-Frame Moulded Case Circuit Breaker,100A,MCCB
TGMB F-Frame Moulded Case Circuit Breaker,100A,MCCB