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Nylon Calbe Ties

Nylon Cable Tie

cable tie also called as: zip tie, zap strap, zip strip, wire tie, mouse belt, tie wrap, quick draw, or rat belt) is a type of fastener,  for binding several electronic cables or wires together and to organize cables and wires.

nylon cable ties

Self-locking cable ties

(white, standard color) , UV black, etc. . other colors are available.
nylon cable tie, mounting nylon cable tie, knot nylon cable tie, magic nylon tie
approved by RoHS, CE.

nylon cable tie specifications

Package of Nylon Cable tie: 100pcs/bag

nylon cable tie-2_5x300



Common Nylon Calbe Ties can not be reused:
Cable ties are generally viewed as single-use. However, if a closed loop needs to be opened again, then, rather than destroying the cable tie by cutting, it may be possible to release the ratchet from the rack to reuse the cable tie. While some cable ties are designed for reuse with a tab that releases the ratchet, in most cases a sewing needleor similar object (for example a small screwdriver will need to be interposed between the ratchet and the rack. To open without cutting it, the ratchet box can be crushed vertically using pliers.
Material: Nylon 66, 94V-2, UL approved material.
Fireproof grade:94V-2
 Heat-resisting, erosion control, insulating, durable and anti-aging. its easy and convenient to bundle things, various Colors such as natural color