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PDU cabinet outlet

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PDU cabinet outlet

Communications hardware in the room and common areas of the PDU, referring to the cabinet outlet.
PDU is the abbreviation of "Power Distribution Unit" or "DESIGNTED POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT FOR CABINET".

This cabinet dedicated power outlet socket in relation to the general security of good quality and carrying power,

and the type of multi-socket system, the protection of a full-featured, flexible control and easy to use,

convenient, and many other intelligent management advantages.

Interface Compatibility of :
Standard criteria for all countries in the world of the power outlet hole module, multi-national clients to meet the

diverse needs of multi-purpose output jack and IEC output sockets for different parts of the country import more

equipment plugs. (Standard plug in different countries, please check before buying)
1). Can be double of input, IEC input socket, the product front panel inputs, the importation of products that the

rear, the product end of the form of input.
2). With a variety of specifications of GB, British standard, German standard, American Standard, India subscript.
3). Optional 10A, 16A and industrial specifications such as coupling of the plug.

International standard rack-mountable:
Easily installed in standard 19-inch rack, rack, only takes up 1U of rack space, the level of support is installed

(standard 19-inch), mounted vertically (parallel with the cabinet post installation), also apply to other occasions.
Convenient and reliable performance of the installation:
Standardized 19-inch design, installation is very simple. Just at least two screws, can be firmly fixed PDU. Can be

based on user PDU products need to adjust the installation of 180 degrees; Tailor-made L-bend plate PDU products can

also be adjusted to achieve the installation of 90 degrees.

Multi-circuit protection of Power distribution units:
Lightning, Surge Protection: Maximum impact resistance current: 20KA or higher; limit voltage: ≤ 500V or less;

Lightning Protection Test Center in Beijing professional testing, can be used as a client fine surge protection

Police protection: LED digital current display and alarm functions with the full current monitoring
Filter protection: the protection of a fine filter, the output of the pure super-stable power supply
Overload Protection: Overload protection provided by the polarization, which can effectively prevent the overload of

the issues arising.
Misoperation prevention: PDU Master Switch ON / OFF gate with protection to prevent accidental shut down, while

providing a choice of two-way
Modular PDU lead