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Pneumatic Hoist, Air Driven Chain Hoist

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pneumatic hoist

pneumatic chain hoist Pneumatic Chain Hoists are the new type of crane/hoist lifting equipment, it is driven by air / pneumatically .

In a pneumatically operated hoist comprising a housing provided with a suspension means for suspension of the hoist, and the pneumatically driven motor provided with a first flow passage arranged for serving as a pressurized air inlet during raising of a load and as an air exhaust passage during lowering of the load and a second flow passage arranged for serving as an air exhaust passage during raising of the load and a pressurized air inlet during lowering of the load, a load engaging means (drivingly connected to the motor , and control meanscoupled to said motor for regulating air flow to and from the motor.

air driven hoist: There is disclosed a pneumatic powered hoist wherein the motor driving the load lift wheel is located within a substantially sealed housing which also encloses the hoist gear and brake mechanisms. The motor exhausts into the housing allowing the exhaust to expand and circulate throughout the housing while cooling and lubricating the mechanisms therein and exit through restricted chain guides leading to and from the load lift wheel; the exhaust further expanding and cooling and lubricating the chain.
Air Driven Hoist Capacity: Ton Lift Height:M FOB China Added 1 Meter Cost
NEP-02 0.125 3 $3,009 $35
NEP-03 0.25 3 $3,106 $39
NEP-04 0.5 3 $3,494 $39
NEP-05 1 3 $4,076 $39
NEP-06 2 3 $4,853 $50
NEP-07 3 3 $7,571 $54
NEP-08 5 3 $9,706 $70
NEP-09 10 3 $14,947 $95
NEP-10 15 3 $19,722 $132
NEP-11 20 3 $24,750 $148
NEP-12 30 3 $38,629 $165
NEP-13 50 3 $51,247 $190
NEP-14 75 3 $71,785 $485
NEP-15 100 3 $121,906 $679
pneumatic chain hoists pneumatic  hoist

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