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Prefabricated Substation ZBWl7-10(YB-12)

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ZBWl7-10(YB-12) Series prefabricated substation

is used in 10/0.4kV, 50Hz distribution system with transformer rated capacity of 50/1600kVA. It is applicable for the outdoor administration of power supply, such as high building, residential area, plants and mines, hospital, park, oil field, airport, railway and temporary facilities. The product is used not only for the ring network power supply system, but also for terminal power supply in radiation style.
ZBWl7-10(YB-12) series prefabricated substation consists of transformer cubicle, H.V. cubicle and L.V. cubicle. Type V or T load switch on H.V. side is adopted for type S9-M transformer protected by two step fuser, which is mounted inside the transformer cubicle. The insulation liquid is taken as insulation and cooling dielectric of whole product, at the same time, H.V. cable plug is used for the incoming cable on H.V. side with uniform insulation inside H.V. cubicle. For the conventional product, L.V. outgoing cable is led out directly. L. V. measuring and branch outgoing cable can be added according to the requirement of customer.

Feature :
      1. Fully enclosed, uniform insulation, safe and reliable;
      2. Small size, impacted structure;
      3. Cable head capable of 200A on-load operation;
      4. Stronger overload capability;
      5. Special treatment is taken for the cubicle to be anti-corrosion;
      6. Special oil in high temperature fire point is used to prevent from fire disaster;
      7. The product is good-looking and natural in certain environment.

Type designation :

Prefabricated Substation

Technical parameter :

Rated voltage


Rated capacity


Rated frequency


Rated breaking current


Rated short-time withstand current


Rated crest withstand current


On-load breaking times


Mechanical life


1min Power frequency withstand voltage (phase to phase and phase to earth)


Lightning impulse withstand voltage (phase to phase and phase to earth)


Ordering Notes :

      1.Type of substation ;
      2.Type of transformer ; 
      3.H.V/ L.V. wiring mode,  type and parameters of chosen elements ;
      4.Regarding to enclosure color, if there is no special requirement by customer, it would be dark green ;
      5.If any requirement is put forwarded by customer, it can be discussed while ordering.