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We are the supplier and exporter of low & medium voltage electric equipements: Electric Connectors, Industrial Plugs, XAC Pendent Pushbutton Switches, APP SB Power Connectors ,Contacts,Split Core Transformer, Clamp Transformer, Distribution box, LED Lampes. And crane parts: Electirc Hoist, Terminal Blocks, COB,XAC Pendant Control Stations, Crane Overload Detector, Cut off limit..

XAC pushbutton for crane,hoist

XAC crane pushbutton for ,hoist,XAC hoist switches, item number for schneider pushbutton switch:
XACA271, XACA281, XACA291, XACA2713, XACA2813, XACA2913
XACA471, XACA481, XACA491, XACA4713, XACA4813, XACA4913
XACA671, XACA681, XACA691, XACA6713, XACA6813, XACA6913
XACA871, XACA881, XACA891, XACA8713, XACA8813, XACA8913
XACA1071, XACA1081, XACA1091, XACA10713, XACA10813, XACA10913,XACA08H7,XACA10713, XACA10813, XACA10913
XAC A201, XAC A211,XAC A2013, XAC A2113, XAC A2014, XAC A2114, XAC A207,XAC A217,XAC A207,
XAC A921, XAC A923, XAC A913,XAC D21A0101,XAC D22A0105,XAC D21A1231, XAC D22A1241,XAC D901, XAC D902, ZB2 SZ3, Empty enclosures: XAC A02,XAC A03,XAC A04,XACA05,XAC A06,XAC A07,XAC A08,XAC A09,XAC A10,XAC A11,XAC A12, XAC B961, XEN T1192, XEN G1191, XEN G37*1, XAC A982, XAC A971, XAC A983

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