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Safety Circuit Breaker

  • Units in Stock: 100

The circuit breaker is used as a protection switch for power supplying a circuit with AC50Hz or 60Hz, voltage 220V, current up to 32A. It has inherent overload protection function.
Combined with a fuse, it can also provide short circuit protection for a circuit.
Besides,, it can unfrequentcy make and break a loaded circuit.

It is especially suitable for lighting devices in house and public place , or a single electric appliance such as refrigerator etc.

TSafety Circuit Breaker
specifications of tgm47-100H- mini circuit breaker
  • Rated voltage:240V
  • Rated current:5,10,15,20,25,30A
  • Rated capacity of short circuit breaking:1.5KA
  • No.of pole: 2