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THHN wire UL listed cable

THHN wire


THHN insulation cables as building wires used in up-to-600 Volts electrical distribution systems of buildings of all types and sizes throughout North America, used for both copper and aluminum conductors which are either solid or stranded, depending on size.

THHN electrical wires is of American UL Standards:
UL 83
UL 1063 (MTW)
Canadian Standard C22.2 No. 75 and CSA Bulletin No. 1451
ASTM: B3, B8, B787
WC70/ICEA S-95-658
U.S. Federal Specification A-A-59544

UL listed THHN wire

THHN or THWN-2 conductors are primarily used in conduit as branch circuits in commercial or

UL listed cable, THHN  wire

PVC Insulated Nylon Sheathed Cable          (UL Listed E210924,E246599)
THHN wire standard: UL62  UL83 

Type and temperature rating

Specification and construction (mm)  of UL listed THHN cables:

Temperature rating
90℃ Dry
75℃ Dry or Wet
90℃ Dry or Wet
90℃Dry or Wet
90℃Dry or Wet

Normal wire size(AWG) Insulation thickness Nylon sheath thickness Normal wire size (AWG) Insulation thickness Nylon sheath thickness
18 0.38 0.10 9-5 0.76 0.13
16 0.38 0.10 4-2 1.02 0.15
14 0.38 0.10 1-4/0 1.27 0.18
12 0.38 0.10 213-500kcmil 1.52 0.20
11-10 0.51 0.10 501-1000kcmil 1.78 0.23

Main technical performance of THHN PVC cable
Test Item
Test Requirement
Test Result
Test Standard
Flame test
UL 1581
Insulation resistance in water
UL 1581
Convolute and cold bend test
No cracks
No cracks
UL 1581
Oil resistance test
UL 1581

industrial applications, specified by  National Electrical Code.
Type AWM or MTW conductors are used as appliance or machine tool wiring,  specified by the
National Electrical Code.
THHN wire means Thermoplastic High Heat-resistant Nylon-coated wire
THHN wire is one specified  electrical wire and cable of insulation material, temperature
rating, and condition of use, suitable for dry and damp locations.