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TL-JI Intelligent Server Cabinet(19 inch rack)

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TL-JI Intelligent Server Cabinet(19 inch rack)

AC series cabinets are 19 standard  rack-mountable enclosures. It is commonly used,and can be installed by all kinds of standrd servers,networking equipments,industrial controlling equipments,etc. The power,temperature and humidity of the cabinets have environtal intelligent montitoring function,and built-in electronic entrance guard system.The successful application of AC series cabinet,reduced the maintenance personnel's tour and maintenance burden,and improve the reliability of syrstem;More important is blending the advanced management measures,combination the independent operated equipment.So we can realize the organic combine unattended or less people management,make the access point reached a  new cabinet type of management level.

Main features:
1. 1 temperature and humidity monitoring:real-time monitoring and display enclosure temperature and humidity.
2. Inelligent temperature:when the temperature higner than normal,the cabinet fan will automatic startup when undertake discharging hot
3. Power monitoring:monitoring of power supply of the cabinet and dispaly real-time current and oltage values;
4. Electronic access:administrators who have possessing operation rights may use use IC card or enter the correct password to open the door;
5. Remote centralizd control:the data of environment and power system installed in different locations of the several or hundreds of racks can be displayed on a remote computer by network.
6. Other features:users can also specially order the cabinets with smoke detection,intelligent lingting and short message of intelligent alarm function according to actual needs.

1.Size; Width 600mm,800mm;Heinght 1m-2.2m;Depth 800mm-1200mm;
2.Material:high quality SPCC
3.Pillar:high strength profiles column;
4.Base: assembly type bearing base,bottom presents adjustable wind path;
5.Top:assembly type;threading hole are presented from front to back;
6.The front door:steel mesh front door or toughened glass door,electronic lock;
7.Rear door: steel mesh arch-off door,electronic lock;
8.Maximum load:1000kg