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XALD Push Button Switch Boxes

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XALD Push Button Switch Boxes

xald These XALD control stations are suitable for most common functions: start, stop, start-stop, emergency stop. Plastic control station for control and signalling units 22 from the Harmony XB5 range.

XALD: complete stations are fitted with 1, 2 or 3 22 mm control and signalling units from the Harmony XB5 range
XALK: complete stations for emergency stop function (1 mushroom head pushbutton)

Harmony XALD, XALK

Our NEP control stations combines simplicity of setup with compact size and flexibility.

The usage of XALD

applications requiring good resistance to chemical agents and/or double electrical insulation. It is Harmony XALD.

Usage of XALD

Industry usage: food and beverage, chemical industries, paper mill, marine applications
Service sector and infrastructure: energy distribution panel builders, food and beverage, car washes.

Approval: CE, CCC, ROHS Certifications

category: Control and signalling components
Part No: MKTED205021EN, MKTED ......
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