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DDS169 electronic single phase electric meter

DDS169 Series electronic single-phase electric meter is the most advanced static electronic meter in China.The meter designs use large-scale integrated circuit,high reliability step motor,it can meter the AC single-phase active energy(voltage rating:220V;frepuency 50Hz),positive and negative two directions and accumulates in one direction.The on flash light,so it could be manged very easy.
  The quality technical norm of the products is in accordance with the GB/T17215-2002 national standard and IEC61036 international standard.
The meter samples the voltage and the current at the voltage divider bulit in the meter.These samples are went to the amplifier and multiplier,output of the multiplier is processed by the integrated circuit V/F conversion,frepuency divider,power drive circuits to provide plus to drive step motor and mechanical register to accumulate custmer’s electrical energy consume.
Technical indexes:

High accuracy:error<±1.0%1Class(<±2.0%2class)
High sensitivity:initial starting current <0.4%Ib
Range of large load :current overload ratio>6
The temperature range:The normal temperature of work:-10-45 The extreme limit temperature: -40-65 Low power consumption:consumption of meter
itself <1W
High reliabilty:MTBF>105
Starting current the meter can wok correctly at rated frequency,when load current is
Larger than 0.4%Ib.(power factor:1),Running with no-load
The meter use logic circuit to anti-creep.


DDS169 electronic single-phase electric meter