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FY3D-Z2: Hypervsn, hologram LED fan, like Kino-mo floating holo

as the manufactuer of hypervsn hologran LED fan, we released braned new type with wifi uploading networrk type advertising machine player.

Our Hypervsn, like Kino-mo floating holographic effect 3D vvisuals, we offer you only 1/5 cost of kinomo hpervsn.

Our prices range based on the quantity your order:
FY3D-Z1 holographic LED fan: US$200-US$300
FY3D-Z2 holograpn LED fan: US$300-US$400

in Feb of 2018 year, we released:
FY3D-Z5 hypervsn:  it is biggest hologran Fan with 1 meter diameter (when Z1 and Z2 with 42cm diameter only, and kino-mo is with 567mm)

FY3D-Z2 wifi hologram LED fan,Hypervsn, like Kino-mo floating holographic effect 3D vvisuals,wifi network advertising machine player

specification of FY3D-Z2 hypervsn

Faryuan Hologram FanFY3D-Z2
Control SystemswindowsIOS & Android
Connection Wayboth SD card & Wifi (both Wide Area Network and Local Area Network)
Support Formatmost video and photos: AVI, MP4JPG, MP4, with converting software
Plastic Housingstreamline design, safe
Cover (optional)transparent cover, or display case
LED quantity320pcs
pcs per carton10pcs
carton dimension65x53x36cm  
carton weight27kg