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explosion proof telephone

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explosion-proof telephone

explosion-proof telephone made of si-aluminium alloy die-casting, High temperature
electrostatic powder coating of its surface. Shell with dial-up keyboard, high-performance glue sealing handle,
hang pressure by induction fork of non-contact switch, Increased-safety connecting terminal . To be sure
guaranteed the quality of explosion-proof and electrical properties.

Ex-proof telephone Application

1.1 The hazardous location of explosive gas mixture : ZoneⅠ, Zone Ⅱ
1.2 explosive gas mixture :IIA IIB IIC*
1.3 temperature group : T1-T6
1.4 Ambient temperature:-30 ~ +50
1.5 Relative humidity: £95%
1.6 Atmospheric pressure: 80~110Kpa
1.7 Defend grade: IP 67

explosion proof telephone
Ex-proof telephones'
Main features :

 2.1 Operation standard: GB3836.1-2000、GB3836.2-2000、 GB3836.3-2000、GB3836.4-2000
2.2 Anti-explosion mark : Exde[ib]ibⅡBT6 Exde[ib]ibⅡCT6
2.3 Operating voltage : AC220V±15%,50Hz
2.4 operating current : 50mA、£0.2A
2.5 frequency response : 300‧3400 Hz
2.6 output sound signal : 1.5V / 300Ω

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 ex-proof telephone

Using the integrated design concept with basic conversations,Noise resection, power amplifier, power
circuit and protecting circuits etc in a phone, well-known oversea brand components. explosion proof telephone  stands high temperature screening tests.

Seven channels in the industrial telephone or more channels are available which according to customer's requirement.
Machines can be arbitrary extension, netting flexible Settings, random number . All the boards in a bus and
cables, so it can decrease anytime without restriction . Each IP67 explosion-proof telephone  is independent of a fault, workstation won't
affect the entire system. This systems can be automatic gain control , there is no influence for its audio small or
heavy and its quantity of the telephones in a system.
It is very easy to be installed and be protected for there is a extra box for more cables .

IP67 industrial telephone Many options to suit your exact requirements