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AC Metal-clad Switchgear KYN10-40.5

AC Metal-clad Switchgear KYN10-40.5


KYN 10-40.5 type AC metal-clad switchgear (hereafter referred to as "switchgear") is a kind of complete indoor type with three phases, 50HZ, AC and single busbar system, used in 35kV net for power transmission and distribution.

Product feature :
      It is a metal-clad type of switchgear, and it consists of two components, one is main body welded by sectioned steel and bent steel plate and another component is truck. It is the latest self-designed and developed version of switch by introduction of advanced technology in domestic and abroad . With advantages of a smaller size, a big breaking current, easier installation, a long-free-maintenance duration, this kind of switchgear has  characters of easy operation and maintenance, safe operation, five-protection function and inter-lock capacity, etc as well.

Type and designation :

AC Metal-clad Switchgears China Manufacturer

Technical parameter :

Rated voltage (kV)


Rated current (A)


Rated short circuit breaking current (KA)


Rated peak withstand current (peak) (KA)


4s short time withstand current (KA)


Rated insulation level

1min power frequency withstand voltage (KV)

Phase to earth£¬ phase to phase


Isolating distance


Lightning impulse withstand voltage(kV)

Phase to earth, phase to phase


Isolating distance


Fitted in circuit

Vacuum circuit breaker, SF6 circuit breaker

ZN12-40.5 ,ZN23-40.5 ,3AH

Type FP (ALSTOM), LN2 serial

Dimension (width*depth*height)


packing Dimension(width*depth*height)(mm)


(note 2)

Weight(circuit breaker cubicle)(kg)

1700 (including 600,weight of truck)

Protection degree


note 1. The width of the cubicle is 1700
The packing size (width*depth*height) (mm) 2020*2380*2870