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We are the supplier and exporter of low & medium voltage electric equipements: Electric Connectors, Industrial Plugs, XAC Pendent Pushbutton Switches, APP SB Power Connectors ,Contacts,Split Core Transformer, Clamp Transformer, Distribution box, LED Lampes. And crane parts: Electirc Hoist, Terminal Blocks, COB,XAC Pendant Control Stations, Crane Overload Detector, Cut off limit..

COB Push button Switches

COB series Push Buttons Specifications

  • Frequency: 50 Hz 60 Hz
  • Max. Current: 5A
  • Max. Voltage: 500v
  • Protection Level: water / rain
  • Types: COB 21:2 lines, COB 22:4 ines, COB 23:6 lines,etc.

    COB series Push-Button is used for control,starting,or stoping of remote,pendant control stations, wharf,port tool,machinery.

    We are the wenzhou based factory and manufacturer of COB Pushbutton switches ,XB2 push button switches, CFL lamp, push buttons box, crane control stations, remote push button, hoist push button,etc. Welcome to contact us.
  • COB Push button are used for controling electric chain hlist,cranes, electric hoist chain, lifting equipments.

    COB Pendant series :

    COB-21 Pushbutton

    COB 21 Pushbutton

    COB 22 Pushbutton

    COB 22 Pushbutton

    COB 23 Pushbutton

    COB 23 Pushbutton

    COBP Pushbutton

    COBP Push button series are used for ELECTRIC HOIST CHAIN
    COBP Pushbutton COBP  Inside

    COB-61H Pushbutton

    COB-61H Push button series are with 1 emergency stop pushbutton and 2 movements button: up + down.

    COB 61H Pushbutton

    Dimension of COB Push-Buttons

    COB Pushbutton
    COB Pushbutton