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Dimensions in mm:

We are the supplier and exporter of low & medium voltage electric equipements: Electric Connectors, Industrial Plugs, XAC Pendent Pushbutton Switches, APP SB Power Connectors ,Contacts,Split Core Transformer, Clamp Transformer, Distribution box, LED Lampes. And crane parts: Electirc Hoist, Terminal Blocks, COB,XAC Pendant Control Stations, Crane Overload Detector, Cut off limit..

CP-30ACT, CT-30BCT Current Transformer


Model Rated Current(A) Primary/Secondary Busbar Hole Dimension Accuracy Rated Burden(VA) Rated Voltage
CP-30ACT 30/5A-500/5A 30×10mm 1.0 1-5VA 600V
CP-30BCT 30/5A-500/5A 30×10mm 1.0 1-5VA 600V
Model A B C D E F
CP-30ACT 65 32 85 37 19
CP-30BCT 65 32 87 37 19



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