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cutoff limit

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cutoff limit

lx44-10A cut off limit
lx44-20A cutoff limit
lx44-10A cut off limited
LX101-10A cutoff limit switch
LX101-20A cut-off limited
LX101-40A cut off limiting

LX44 and LX101 series cutoff limits are used at AC 50-60, AC 380V, DC 220V and current of 3A-40A to execute the position limit to CD1 & MD1 electric hoist of 0.5ton to 10tons.
It can directly break the main circuit of liftiing motor.
The nominal service conditions are includiing an ambient temperature -25°~+40°, ambient relative humdity of 90%, altitude of 2500meters and protection rating is IP44.
LX44 cutoff limit and LX101 cut off limit comply with the standards of IEC337-1 and GB14048.5-93

cut off limit LX44-20A